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Record Storage

A security term, especially with International shipments that are required to be "In-Bond". Basically, this means that the warehouse has a totally separate, secure area for certain items and those items are not subject to any person viewing or handling their product, items, or in this case, files.

Each box is bar coded, computerized, and tracked
Each box of files that a business has is bar-coded showing the client names, type of files and other particulars so all files can be identified in written form. When the client calls the Record Storage Center for a file, we look it up on the computer and we are able to locate it among thousands of other boxes and bring it to the office within minutes.

Total security from the public and other records
This is the area where files are placed during the time that they are being"bar-coded" and prepared for storing into the storage system. This area is always completely secure and private from the public or other employees other than those that are authorized to handle Record Storage Files.

Audited retrieval and destruction
Many files that clients have can be destroyed after a certain number of years. Our Record Storage System will "Flag" those files and will tell the client when the time comes that they can or should destroy those files. We have a document shredder that totally shreds and destroys the file and an audit sheet is completed and notarized that the file as properly disposed of.

Client review room
When and if a client wants to have certain files pulled, they will indicate if they are planning to pick them up at the Record Storage facility, have us deliver them to their office or if they or one of their clients ((or the IRS or State Tax Auditor)) are going to come to our facility to review the files. If they come to our facility, they will be in the "Client File Review Room" which is a totally private room/office where no other person from our office, the public, or any organization can view the files that are being reviewed.

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